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‘Facebook content oversight board draait meeste censuur terug; Trump-account wordt publiekelijk gekeurd!’

‘Facebook content oversight board draait meeste censuur terug; Trump-account wordt publiekelijk gekeurd!’, Nieuws.Social: Social media nieuws, social business, onderzoek, cijfers, trends en meer

De social media netwerken liggen onder vuur door hun manier van censuur. Ze lijken zonder enige vorm van communicatie voor eigen rechter te spelen en verwijderen zomaar content uit de feed. Om deze beslissingen eens beter te beoordelen, is er een zogenoemde Facebook content oversight board. De Oversight Board is een instantie die acties onderneemt over het modereren van inhoud op het sociale mediaplatform Facebook, met name over het behandelen van beroepen voor geblokkeerde of verwijderde inhoud. 

In November 2018, Facebook proposed creating a content oversight board that would make content moderation decisions on the platform. Among the goals for this board include improving the fairness of the appeals process, give oversight and accountability from an outside source, and improve transparency.

De eerste twintig leden die in 2020 zijn ge-installeerd:

Name Country Term Details
Catalina Botero Marino, co-chair Colombia 2020– Dean of Law Faculty at Universidad de los Andes
Jamal Greene, co-chair United States of America 2020– Professor at Columbia Law
Michael McConnell, co-chair United States of America 2020– Constitutional law professor at Stanford Law
Helle Thorning-Schmidt, co-chair Denmark 2020– Former prime minister of Denmark
Afia Asantewaa Asare-Kyei Ghana; South Africa 2020– Human rights lawyer
Evelyn Aswad United States of America 2020– Law professor at University of Oklahoma College of Law
Endy Bayuni Indonesia 2020– Journalist
Katherine Chen Taiwan 2020– Public relations and statistics professor at National Chengchi University
Nighat Dad Pakistan 2020– Lawyer and internet activist
Pamela S. Karlan United States of America 2020– Stanford Law professor and US Supreme Court advocate
Tawakkol Karman Yemen 2020– Journalist and human rights activist
Maina Kiai Kenya 2020– Lawyer and human rights activist
Sudhir Krishnaswamy India 2020– Vice-Chancellor of National Law School of India University
Ronaldo Lemos Brazil 2020– Lawyer and academic
Julie Owono Cameroon; France 2020– Lawyer and executive director of Internet Sans Frontieres
Emi Palmor Israel 2020– Former director general of Israeli Justice Ministry
Alan Rusbridger United Kingdom 2020– Journalist
András Sajó Hungary 2020– Law academic
John Samples United States of America 2020– Vice president of Cato Institute
Nicolas Suzor Australia 2020– Associate law professor at Queensland University of Technology

Deciding its first-ever cases, Facebook Inc’s oversight board ruled on Thursday that the social media company was wrong to remove four of five pieces of content the board reviewed, including posts Facebook took down for violating rules on hate speech and harmful COVID-19 misinformation. The first rulings will be scrutinized to see how independent the board appears from the world’s largest social media platform, particularly ahead of its high-profile decision on whether Facebook was right to suspend former U.S. President Donald Trump.


Over de board

Over de board, die in de periode januari-mei 2020 is ingesteld, zegt

With our size comes a great deal of responsibility, and while we have always taken advice from experts on how to best keep our platforms safe, until now, we have made the final decisions about what should be allowed on our platforms and what should be removed. And these decisions often are not easy to make – most judgments do not have obvious, or uncontroversial, outcomes and yet many of them have significant implications for free expression. 


Als we hun werkzaamheden over 2020 bekijken, valt op dat de Facebook Oversight Board 4 van de 5 beslissingen heeft teruggedraaid. Dit heeft tot een aanbeveling geleid die nieuwe regels duidelijker moet maken.


Ook het blokkeren van het account van ex-president Trump is een van de gevallen. Het lijkt erop dat er publieke gestemd mag worden op het toelaten van zijn account, zo meldt Reuters eind januari 2021:

Facebook blocked Trump’s access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts over concerns of further violent unrest following the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol by the former president’s supporters. The board said on Thursday it would soon be opening the Trump case up for public comment.


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