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[Video] De Snap Map: Om publieke Snaps buiten Snapchat te bekijken

[Video] De Snap Map: Om publieke Snaps buiten Snapchat te bekijken, Nieuws.Social: Social media nieuws, social business, onderzoek, cijfers, trends en meer

Snapchat lijkt opener te moeten worden. Waar de Snap app voor gericht is op het delen van content met vrienden, geeft de Snap Map je – buiten de app om – de mogelijkheid Snaps te bekijken in de browser. Snapchat kent ruim 180 miljoen dagelijkse gebruikers, waarvan 60 miljoen uit Europa. Snap legt zelf uit waarom Snap Map ons snappers een nieuwe ervaring biedt:


  • Snap Map is a whole new experience for Snapchatters. It’s about your friends, what’s happening around them and what is happening around the world, not about where you are, or directions to get somewhere.
  • Snap Map combines the timely, newsworthy nature of Snaps that Snapchatters choose to submit to ‘Our Story’ with the intimacy of what your best friends are up to.
  • The Snap Map is a new layer on top of the current Snapchat experience and is a living, breathing map and different every day! 
  • See a friend on the Snap Map? Chat with them or meet up. Not sure what to do today? Explore Snap Map and go on an adventure. If a group of friends are together on the Map, you’ll see the option to kick off a group Chat.  
  • To get started on pinch to zoom on the Snapchat camera to open Snap Map
  • The first time you open Snap Map you’ll be taken through who you’d like to share your location with (a select group of friends, all your Snapchat friends or no friends; what we call “Ghost Mode”).
  • Sharing your location is turned off by default. You are not on the map unless you want to be. You can update who can see your location at any time from the settings menu.
  • If you’ve been sharing your location with friends and decide to stop simply tap Ghost Mode and your Bitmoji will disappear within seconds.
  • If your friends are sharing their location, new Actionmojis will appear on Snap Map. ActionMojis are a new type of Bitmoji that recognise things like your location, time of day, or speed of travel to infer the best Actionmoji. Examples include at the beach, walking through an airport, sitting and listening to music. Your Actionmoji only updates when Snapchat is open. If a Snapchatter has not opened the app in several hours, their Actionmoji will disappear.




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